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Cold World Is a police horror/thriller title that puts you in the boots of a rookie cop fresh out of the New River Police Department academy. Jake always pushed himself into places where something happens. He never lacked courage..This case gonna be his first time truly experiencing the world of law enforcement and beyond. Jake will be put to the test with both moral and ethical choices to make. Officer Harper may experience any and every type of scenario from homicides to those that we would not like the greatest enemy to break in.


Q - Interact with objects
E - Equip gun/flashlight
R - Reload
Caps - Run
Shift - Fast walk
Tab - Police shouts

Gamepad is supported, controls are in game folder.


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Cold World: Demo 719 MB


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This game was alright the graphics were great and the voice acting was pretty good the jumpscares were pretty good too but unfortunately it wasn't that fun to play. I disliked the naked dead body it was just awkward the real 911 call was disturbing and the camera got stuck on the items. I had to go through the game more than 10 times and i was pretty sick of it at that point. The idea is awesome but the game needs work.

I'm looking forward to playing the completed work. Your talent for horror soaks through and there were times when I was pretty creeped out too.

Forgetting the bugs since this is a demo and all the only thing I'd like to see in the complete version is tension scare, real build ups and fake outs to keep the heart never guessing,

Lovely job.

I cannot wait for the full release of this game! 

Really nice looking game with some cool idea. The purse scene was kinda... weird... but the rest of it seemed in place. The camera seems to get stuck on certain items, and I had to restart the game twice due to that, and I couldn't seem to find an actual ending to the game. Looking forward to seeing how this works out, and I was sad to see that you had taken down The Sinner completely from the internet.

Also thanks for letting me get better at censoring in videos.

Definitely a great start for a game! The background noises were killer, and make me feel terrified to move forward actually. Especially the part with the call with the 9/11 response. I will try not to repeat what others said, but besides the box glitch. I did find that problem with the killer if you looked in my video. More like a glitch I believe. The hanging scare also kind of confused me, like was it a paranormal type of game? Or is it an actual horror filled police thriller where you get scared and kill/catch the killer. Other than that it was a great indie title to play!

This game is amazing. I love the idea behind it, the atmosphere is good, the jumpscares and the story itself. Besides my comedy in the video, I would give this 10/10. Can't wait until the full game releases.
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Hola, El juego promete, me ha gustado el manejo, la movilidad, los sustos, necesita unos arreglillos pero creo que va a ser un buen juego, estaría muy bien que sigamos investigando los casos del policía. Un saludo y espero que pronto esté terminado .



Hoping this game goes well for you, unlike the other one. I think you have a lot of potential because a police thriller is a genre that isn't often done. However, the interaction key, and keys in general are a frustrating mechanic, especially caps lock for running in addition to using WASD for movement. Maybe a crosshair that highlights over the item you're supposed to investigate instead of just positioning yourself until it highlights and pressing the button before you lose it. Also I had to reset the game 3 times because of the interaction camera being stuck. It breaks immersion and kills the pacing, especially if recording is being done, but in general it just kills all momentum for the game. Other than those things, like I said you have something on your hands here that could be very intriguing if you work hard enough on it, and keep it original. Hope everything works out for you Artur. 


Tried to play it but it kept glitching out, meaning, it would freeze while I was examining an item or scenes would not trigger and I would be left to wander around the warehouse with nothing to do. Its a shame because it looks good and is intense at times. 

This game was awesome, and really reminded me of Resident Evil 2. The animations and gun play was really nice. The only thing was it the torch when on your side and not having your gun selected made it really how to navigate around 


I wanted to like this, I really did, but in it's current state I couldn't even complete the demo. The game looks great, the atmosphere is tense, there's some decent scares and a pretty interesting story building up . However there are some blatant issues with the game. I know that this is an early build and I know that you're a one person team right now, but you put this out here so I'm going to criticize what I've been dealt.

I'm going to start with the biggest issue I had while playing, whenever I interacted with certain objects like the screw driver at the beginning, I couldn't get out of the scene, I was just stuck and forced to restart the game, this happened to me four times, this was immensely frustrating given that I was attempting to record a let's play of the demo, and what ultimately made me give up.

 Next up is the controls, and my first and only question is, what the hell are you thinking? Caps lock to run, Q to interact, E to bring up the flashlight/gun? I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but I find these controls very unintuitive.

Lastly, this is something a few others have pointed out, the highlight colour that indicates an object you can interact with. I found that it blends in way too easily when you have the flashlight/gun pointed, this makes it really hard to progress in some areas, the starting area alone took me 5-10 minutes simply because I couldn't see the highlighted outline on the button. 

I know it looks like I'm just shitting all over the game just for the hell of it, but this is the very first time in my history of playing indie games on itch.io where I got so frustrated that I quit a game a half hour in. My issues have nothing to do with the story, the graphics, the atmosphere or the spooks, I found all of those things to be quite good. My issues arise when there are things in place that prevent the player from enjoying the experience; bad/questionable controls, poor path progression, bugs that cause the player to have to restart the game multiple times. 

I want this game to be good, and I think it has the potential to be a great horror game, it just needs a lot of polish to get there.



Wow, it was a game of fantastic graphics and directing.But I hope the interaction key is 'E'. I would like Flash to be the 'F' key.
I would like to have a key that is common throughout the world.
It was a really good game.I played fun!

Back into it...

Just finished playing the Cold World demo. Really impressive so far.
Loved the dark atmospheric theme and the tension that I was being watched or something could jump out of the corners.

Only issue with the demo was that I had to redo the key and paper password part like 5 times because I got stuck when interacting with the items. I didn't care of this issue, I was redoing it until I completed the game on both endings.

It was something refreshing,  I'm keeping an eye out for future updates!

I have some little gripes with it here and there. It also has a few bugs at the moment, but it definitely shows promise. I agree with Stepvibes that the highlight color should be changed to something a little more noticeable.

Well, I played the demo that was given originally when this was first uploaded, I didn't 'shit on the game', I'd say, since if it's a one-man-job atm, it's still a good job - just always, things could use more polish to make it an upstanding game, as long as you don't rush it, it's as Miyamoto said: “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

So, I tried out the updated demo; honestly, I don't really understand what's so different. Yeah, I like how you guys added a fast walk when aiming, as well as the extra purse jumpscare. But, other than that, it's basically the same demo. I couldn't finish it because after I checked the phone, the game wouldn't let me exit out of the interaction with it, so I had to quit the game. And like some other people mentioned, the sense of direction is off. Instead of blue, you guys should go with a yellow hue to highlight things with, and give us a mission objective. Looking forward to future updates!