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Seriously? Why the hell would you post this and then make us become a god damn patreon just to play a game! I know that it is the best horror game ever created, but i'm not paying 5 dollars every month just to play a video game copied by some guy scamming everyone that wants to play good horror games. You suck.


Just so you know developer, making this emulation not available for people who want to praise you and play this remake, it is such a petty dick move and it's not making you any better than the original P.T developers. And before I forget, I just want you to know.... Fuck you, you petty dick sucker!!!!    :)

Why is the game no more available to download from itch?


You have to go to 'no thanks, just take me to the downloads' 

That's no reason to leave a one star rating. It turns people away from my project when you leave false ratings.

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There's no "Download" / "Name your price" button on the PTEmulation project.

As for the rating I left - I apologize for hurting the visibility of your title, but there's nothing false about it. Simply put, I stumbled across the game by browsing through tags, opened the page, found the plot premise a bit uncompelling and art style too ugly to my liking. Besides, leaving the score (which reflects what I think of the game or my first impression from preview page) is about the only way to mark the title as "seen it".

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well if it didnt cost money for twitter. We wouldn't have to rate it badly but this DICK FUCK developer won't let us just download it


I was new to itch when I wrote that post. I had thought the stars they'd left linked to the review but it turned out to be someone else's page. This isn't my game. You'll have to find another way to contact the creator.

Do you have this game?


I Don't know why you are trying to charge money for a game that you have no intention on updating or improving anymore. 


It's just a scam artist. Game is clearly not emulated, it's remade. There are even cutscenes that are FMV rofl


FMV's are fine as a placeholder. He mentioned that he didn't know how to code it or something. What doesn't make sense is that he's promoting an entire different horror game that hes making which raises the question if he didn't know how to code events like the Lisa grab how will he make an entirely different game?

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I thought Itch was for game downloads......


How do you get the picture piece that is normally on the pause screen by the skull x-ray in the original game/demo?

Nevermind. I think you moved it to be by the front door on the ground?

Can I change the resolution?

Not having a PS4 I never got to play the original, although I did watch others play it on youtube. Getting to experience the game first hand is so much more intense, there were a few truly terrifying moments. Thanks for making this.

I played a couple of times and in one gameplay I walked through the door but didn't go through to the next part. Seems like I fell through the game.


Scary and interesting ...


I never wanted to cry more then I do now, thanks I can't sleep again.


"There, there. Everything’s going to be fine. Kojima’s here."


Oh god this is good


is there a way to get this in the oculus vr

try something like trinus VR (or however you spell it)


How can i change the resolution?

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Try change DISPLAY'S (AT WINDOWS) resolution (worked for me): 👍

Ayuda plis en la actualización 1.3 tengo problemas despues del menu de inicio solo me sale pantalla en negro! 

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The transition between loops still needs to be smoother, and if I just tap the zoom button it's incredibly choppy. Other than that I haven't noticed any serious bugs other than getting momentarily stuck or nudged by the environment.

Atmospherically, I feel like the lights are too bright in the early loops. And it would also be beneficial to add in some film grain (or some more film grain) with post processing, as I seem to remember the original having it. Other than that everything is spot on, and if these few things were fixed I could see this being my goto PT remake. 

EDIT: Also, the addition of the subtitles (such as for the picture) would be awesome.


I agree but he missed the cockroach and the arm when you get up at the begging 

+1 to subtitle

I don't understand eng. well by ear

And given that the main part of the plot is narrated through radio broadcasts...

That would be great


Just wanted to say thanks. I have a few versions of this and I'm glad to add another to the collection. Glad the game didn't die alone and that Kojima recently said he still wants to make a horror game... can't wait.


Okay.. Stuck in the closet. Couldn't move. What gives?


This is really, really great!

I was always so annoyed that I never got to play the original P.T., and now I finally have! I have to say a big thank you for putting in all the amazing effort!

I'm not sure how much it lines up with the original, having never played it, and I'm not sure if I even saw all that the emulation has to offer. But if you're a fan of Silent Hill, get this in your life. 

Here's my play through for anyone interested: 



i made one to

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Enjoyed thoroughly closest thing to the real thing yet! idk if its just me but the doors seem a lil small and does it seem to be a tad to bright when the lights are on maybe it's just me but good job very anticipating on future updates;) 


I really enjoyed playing through this game.  I like the simple design of the hall way and the mechanic of looping back too the start.  I liked the anticipating feel of it.  I got a little frustrated when i couldn't figure what the next clue was and took me a while and the feeling of being scared went away. Id would be nice to have added some intrusions or some more clues to guide the way through he puzzle. 


I really enjoyed this one! I never was able to get original P.T. so it was nice to get somekind of touch to it! I have seen some of original clips, but I don't remember those. I often rush a game throught and missed few details on last video, but now I was able to finish this and i'm happy about it!


Still finding this a bit buggy, but it's getting to be one of the most accurate PT recreations. For example, a bug I encountered is that when the bathroom door rattles at the start, if you rub up against the door the right way, you actually clip in to it and get pushed in to the ceiling.

Tiny, but important details like the two mating cockroaches at the very start of the game are missing, too. In fact, there are noticeably less cockroaches in this than the real P.T., and I think the cockroaches you have in this don't stay around as long, either.

Still, though. It's very close. Good job.


Make support for monitors 21: 9, 32: 9 please


I'm  i the only one here because of jacksepceye?


Guide for complete this demo :D (Part 1) (Part 2)

I hope it helps you :D

Don't forget suscripte to my channel c:


Stop spamming this we don't even understand your language at least add subtitles


I'm sorry, just suscripte and watch my vídeo, the idea is only have funny with the scary momments, it doesn't matter if you don't understand :D


If you say it`s a guide then we need to understand it man. And no we don`t subscribe to your channel because we don´t. understand. a. single. word.

You get it?


Hi everybody, this is my second part of the demo, I hope you like you, suscripte to my channel for more gameplays :D

I could complete the demo, I don't know what I do for complete, but thats matter xD


Seriously dude awesome remake! I'm so happy to be able to play it! Only two things I noticed:

1. the first time you open the door to enter the hallway, the door is laggy as hell and cuts the fluidity of our first entering. It is a detail, but since it happens very early in the game I can't help but think that could turn off people a bit :)
2. Another detail, but the first time when see the bathroom door thrashing, the door at the end of the hallway is closed (which is totally normal). What cut my immersion is that if you are not looking at the bathroom door thrashing, you can see the door at the en of the hallway open without any animation, as if a glitch.

That is all I have to say, those aren't complains, I merely wish for your product to be enjoyable to its maximum :) Again, thank you for this awesome remake, i know i will follow your updates and enjoy the game for a long time!

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Help, 'The global shader cache file ...Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin is missing.  Your application was built to load COOKED content.'

 Perhaps I'll glance again and see it lurking in the shadows :)

Update:  I ran DXDiag.EXE from the start menu. It says I have DirectX v12 and I think I need DirectX11.

OK I've got a DirectX11 Emulator

I run the emulator. Add to list...., Add PLayable Teaser.exe to the list. Tick the Force Warp Tickbox and hit apply. Leave the emulator open and run the game.

It now says 'DX11 feature level 10.0 required to run the engine.'

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What da hell you are talking about? Directx 12 means you can also use other games with previous Directx like 11, 10.1, 10 etc, dxdiag just shows you that your gpu supports dx 12, did you try to install dx web install? I have also directx 12 and windows 10 but i can run this game just by pressing exe file without any emulators


Thanks for your reply. It makes sense. I read here that some games wont run on Intel HD 3000 chipset. Luckily my laptop has switchable graphics so I can force it to use an AMD driver. It's a bit of a nightmare. By the time I've got through this, Silent Hills will seem like a walk in the park :)


Just found a bug: once i got the flashlight, got killed by LISA and wake up in the initial room, when I went thought the door I cliped, went back and went out of the map.




Please add support for ultrawidescreen monitors!


yes, a config before the game loads would be really nice


Could someone please help me start the game? When I unzip the folder and open it, I just find the game files. How do I open the game?


do you see exe file?

No, I couldn't see the exe, where should it be?


There is possibility that antivirus deleted your exe file try to turn off your antivirus and readownload gane

I can't complete the loop when you start walking really fast and everything is red, at a certain point the game seems to always teleport me to face a wall when I pass a certain point there


Look at the hole Carl


I think I found a bug or something, I got jumped by the scary lady and I pressed esc which seems to stop  the scene of me dying and just continued normally instead of dying, also the audio that plays when she kills you still played


Thank you, man! You made my late Halloween!
Had one question though. How can I get the last piece of Photograph from the brightness screen?


Thank you, great work!
Is there a way to save progress so that if I quit and restart I can just resume where I left?


Dude that's a 30 minutes long game do you even know what P.T is?. Maybe dev also should put here checkpoints for you


In the second loop if you stare at the closed door you can see it "teleport" open, it should only open when you're not looking at it, also the picture that falls on ground doesn't have "R3" written on it. Aside from that, the balcony is too bright and the rain effect isn't actually applied to the window glass and is instead floating pass the bars.

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I'm the one who has 15-20 fps at this demo? Unplayable...


Be more grateful, god dammit it's a free game


I'm running it at 60 fps

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Try change DISPLAY'S (AT WINDOWS) resolution to lower (worked for me): 👍

Now it's... playable :)

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