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Having an issue...around the second or third revolution, when the bathroom door cracks open and the baby is crying, can't advance any further...waited for 20 min.

Try zooming in to the bathroom using right click


had this same issue, you'll need to restart. I could not get it to trigger until restarting.

It seems that there are a few triggers which can break, preventing advancement


I just started playing and everything is great. Except for that you cant save so if you exit the all your progress gets lost.


I'm having an issue with the .exe I have two monitors and it will stretch to my second one covering a portion it, making the game unplayable. I haven't been able to figure out how to make it so it's only on one monitor. Could use a bit of help. I've attached an screenshot to show what I'm talking about; the red line being the edge of my first monitor.


you're a legend my friend, a legend deserving of the highest honors

Hi, having downloaded the game and extracting the file, it doesn't run the game itself and instead moves into the files of the game. Anyone know how fix this problem?

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Wow, thank you! It's amazing to be able to experience this, but I really hope you fix the missing objects. Also, the swinging light creates this weird shadow blob as you get close to it.

[BUGS] (Being Edited):

-There are random shadows with small circles randomly appearing throughout the game on the floor with each transition. This can be seen under the hanging light by the phone (oddly enough not on the first stage when you start).

-There are no animations for Lisa when you see her looking down at you from the railings. She's supposed to walk backwards, but instead just floats away.

-The opening scene is missing a few things. Cockroaches and of course player animations.

-Wall textures (?) are also "floating" in the empty space of the bathroom door when it's open with the refrigerator hanging.

-Railing shadows are also not showing properly in most stages of the game. Note: Weirdly enough the shadows are mostly working fine in the "running" sequence with the exception of the shadow blobs.

-Pressing RMB repeatedly will cause your camera to stay zoomed until holding down RMB.

-The swinging red light after the "HELL" message is creating some weird shadows and the previously mentioned shadow blobs.

-ALL lights get brighter when you walk into the "room" with the stairs going to the next transition and look behind you (you can literally walk back and forward in/out of the door frame and the lights will change brightness values).

-During the "running sequence" you will constantly run into a wall when turning corners by the phone during what I assume are transition loops because I'm being teleported.

-The front door during the "running sequence" is messed up and allows you to see the level layout through exposed "strips".

-The music during the "running sequence" will stop after only a few minutes.

-The floor during the "running sequence" doesn't blend well with each portion I.E. copied segments attached aren't smoothed and are above/below one another.

-The distortion effect that is supposed to be present during the "running sequence" is missing entirely.

-There are floating objects in the air along the left side of the wall after peeking into the bathroom and walking towards the light.


Bro literally almost everything you just said  is supposed to happen, other than the shadows and the RMB. I found the shadows can be caused by having it at low settings,  and the rmb thing is a glitch that does need to be fixed.

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You're wrong "bro". Go watch any PT video you want. I was on max settings and even made sure myself that each thing I listed wasn't supposed to be there. Don't be ignorant.


I have p.t. on my ps4. I play it all the time, and I've remade it twice.  I know the entire game by memory even.

Is this game made in Unity or Unreal?


If you check the tags on the top of the page (More Information), you'll see it's tagged Unreal Engine.


The frame rate is really choppy for me compared to Unreal PT, would be nice you work on the optimization because this is by far the best PT remake.



you can edit with next to real game captures o the game


I don't think he's going to add anymore content to the game. Just bug fixes. Pretty sad I know but he said he doesn't want to put more work ahead of him for some reason.


(spanish lets play) i had a terrifyingly good experience playing the game i  did have some small minor glitches but i really enjoyed the spooks. awesome fan remake game :D  keep up the amazing work friend  


When fans are doing better and working harder than original.



Please fix the flashlight and the headbob, the flashlight barely does anything in the dark parts of the game. The bothers me because it is not like the P.T. version

the headbob bothers me*


How can i download it? I don't see the link.


He's currently uploading an updated version. Should be up soon.

Ahh, ok. Thank you

no problem it's up now :)

download the app m freand 


Problem 1

Biggest problem here in find photo level.

This scene, soo problem is "Door" why this door is closed in game?

Problem 2

And can't do that action.

This side is not work.

I hope ur fix it fast.

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The game gets stuck while touching the right wall, also the game also broke in the infinite loop stage. Also can a save feature be added, at least between loops, that would at least prevent progress from being lost due to the bugs.


I got stuck in a wall so I had to cut the video, also I couldn't get that effect that happens on the picture of wife & husband so the door opens, I kept trying but nothing happens


Artur, you should extend the story to the outside map! No need for much additional dialogue or setting up an animation studio - just re-use some of your assets into adding additional content! Or open source the game and allow us developers to continue and use it as a framework for building the ultimate Silent Hills remake+successor??

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Literally just played this on stream still dying...

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hello, I'm test your Remake, is the better, but you need fix "bugs"

-The picture at left of final door

-More grain

-Ajust the bright, remove the eye adaptation if you put this.

-walk more less

-walk camera movement

-PLEEEASE, put drawers in the telephone table.

-If the bag model no is the same, you can download it in this link:

This is a constructive review, thanks my friend for your job, is very cool.

pd: sorry for my bad english :p


So far this is turning out to be the best PT recreation that exist. Also made a video on it (Pointed out some bugs i encountered though haven't really looked for any there may be alot more bugs.)


I'm really excited for the next update! It's going to fix a lot of issues that I had at first. This is easily the best remake so far. Just needs a bit more work and it's gold!

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So here's the thing.  There's a few remakes sitting around the interwebs, why don't you folks pool your resources together and make the full thing.  Each one is missing certain things, this one is close but has some minor oversights and obviously the really tough parts like the complex animations aren't actually animated..they're video clips.  You guys can do it! Start a patreon!

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After having played this version as well as the previous version before Artur removed it.  I gotta say that the previous version was better.  I am not really sure why that is.  I noticed missing animations and content that was previously there.  I also got stuck in some segments because event triggers would not happen to let me progress.  My only guess is that this was built from scratch or something.  Glad he is working on it again but this version needs more work.  Thanks.

Also for anyone wondering Keyboard and Mouse do work.  WASD or Arrow Keys and right mouse for Zoom.  The Zoom function didn't work great sometimes.

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Are you actually going to update this?


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

This looks amazing!!! I was able to unzip and play, but the portion of when the bathroom door creaks open... the next sequence never happened. 

You just have to keep zooming into the door simultaneously until she peaks her head and shuts the door. I had to fight with that for a  bit to get it to work. Still this is the most accurate one i think it just needs a bit of fixes.

Hey there! I tried that from different angles, but I couldn't pull it of.

Just figured out an angle that triggers it everytime. Heres a screenshot of the angle. btw no clicking zoom simultaneously just thats the first thing i did when i was struggling to get the sequence to happen.

Your Awesome man, thanks!

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what GAMEPAD tho

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Can you kindly tell me what is exactly missing from the original version of the game?

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What exactly do you mean by the jumpscare is a youtube video? Does it just play a video clip every time Lisa kills you?

Yeah it does but it's okay.

Wow that's fucking lazy

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You are a fool

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dudes just mad he didnt think of it

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This is just a remake.

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Yet another edition to my collection. Thank you. Shame on Konami.


OMG I love you

This is incredible!  There's just two things that seem a bit odd.  First, the game seems to support kb+m perfectly fine, and in fact doesn't recognize my DS4 plugged into my computer.  Would it be possible for a list of controls to be added someplace?  Second, is this emulated or replicated?  It looks fantastic either way, but I'm just curious if this is literally PT running on my PC, or if the assets and such were copied over and adjusted to run on PC.

it's replicated.

It's a remake. Although it is pretty impressive as one too i can see how somebody can think it may be running the actual PT iso or whatever it may be for PS4.


Also because he said on Twitter that it's "the emulated P.T. directly from PS4 to PC"

when i finished downloading and open zip file, it says its damaged or corrupted

Try opening the archive with 7zip rather than Winrar.  I've noticed many recent archive files I've downloaded in the past year don't open with Winrar for some reason.

ok thx u

it worked thx u

You're very welcome!

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Thanks Artur for coming back to this.  It was a shame to see this not get completed when you were so close.  I will play through tonight and let you know how it goes.

Wow, that comes as a surprise! Thank you for your hard work, I'll try it very soon.

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