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hey bud... it seems to stay in a black screen for me... and I'm only able to access the menu by hitting esc...any suggestions?


Thanks so much for making this. It's yet another medium through which I can complain about Konami and Silent Hills getting cancelled 



Good Job!

I really liked this. I'll definitely check out your other game on steam!!! 


Cool stuff! Very atmospheric!


SKIP TO 8:48!!!

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Great  Recreation my friend. i didn't expect any less from you .. Loved all your games and you know it ... 


Great work! It was fun exploring. Also I would probably change “Check Out My Perfect P.T. Emulation” because it definitely is not perfect XD 





Thank you very much for creating this. It's very nice to get to explore and just wonder what could have been.

This was really well made! I enjoyed to explore the map, but also pissed off because this would been epic game and we never get it...




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Well done in creating the map. It is very beautiful and amazing. :)

Thank you for reading my comment :).


The game was very well done, but I had 2 problems. 1 is it says best played with a controller, but after connecting my controller the game clearly has no controller support at all. 2. is the unbearably low FOV