Playable Teaser has been updated!

So, first update of Playable Teaser include:

  • Gamepad support,
  • Upgraded, and added missing animations,
  • Blood dripping of the fridge,
  • Added shader with rain on windows,
  • Missing textures was uploaded,
  • Added missing cutscenes,
  • Fixed some major bugs, and improved optimization a little.


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me gustaria hacer directo de este juego

I would love to stream this game




how about adding the picture puzzle on the wall near to time clock with the 5 hidden locations to add picture puzzle peaces and the ending with daryl from the walking dead silent hill

Some questions about this!
IS this going to be a full copy of the original demo?
Do you plan on adding a menu? When the lights go off I can't see anything, I got lost,
I don't know the controls ether, no flashlight or anything to help me see.
Do you plan on adding those features? 

Is it possible to play with my ps4 controller?, How can I configure it?

Yes it is. Just plug in your controller and play!

I've been trying but it doesn't work. I plug the controller, start the game but it only recognizes the mouse. Is there any way to configure the gamepad inside the game?

could you share the keypad, that baby dont stop.

Do I have to download the entire .exe file for getting the updates or is there any other way?

I think you need to download entire .exe file, yes