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You can also explore whole Silent Hills Cutscene map FOR FREE here:


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that moment when the emulation is no longer available

Too Scary for me

Thank you very much for all the work and for making me relive this experience. Lo with VR glasses and it's just epic. It is a perfect emulation of the PS4 version. Best of all, it was totally free.

Can you do a Mac version next? PLEASE!!!!


It's literally the first link guys.


cant find the download any were


Did Konami axe this ? took em long enough.


If there is no way to actually play the game ( I've tried your link) then you should remove the post so people aren't getting their hopes up.


in case any one missed out on playing this master piece here are some downloadable links for the game

Qimsar version : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eTFVIqN7anHHBRuLQnlNWWV1z-R2nLP1/view?usp=sharing

Radius gordello version : http://www.mediafire.com/file/oqzv5uddidqr9d5/Unreal+PT+1.0.7.zip

Artur Łączkowski versionhttps://mega.nz/#!ScoATaRa!tI1spttFCfeDmih3t4zPgiCPHG7MS7tqD6iqNufE-8E


where is the link? i wanna play this amazing game, please!!


Can someone give me a download link?

Is there a download link or anything? Can't seem to find how to play the game..


i dnt see where i can download it


Please who still has the last updated version of this recreation could you give a link for download


no download link?


Please send me the link,  I have never played this game and I want to play :(


I guess the team of lawyers curb-stomped the dev. RIP, someone better contact his loved ones

where is the download link?


Has the game been removed from itch.io? I don't see any download links.


does anyone know where the download for this is at?


Yea, even I cant find it. Please send me a link when you get it.


same. plz send me a link if you find it


Very nice work.


did you literally just port the game 


it is not working for me

wtf did i play


ned help this game play will not open for me how did u open it


I like the jumpscare, Awesome remake! 


people seem obsessed with remaking this crappy teaser game that faded when konami killed it,

let the damn thing rest in piece, we now have liek 40 remakes of this same exact game.

give it up.


Hey, the teaser was quite good, but fair point, I've seen a few good clones though

This is the best version of PT for PC.  Also, not all of us got to play the original on PS4.  This is not like the 40 other remakes you are talking about by a long shot.

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if by not like the other 40 remakes, you mean it's not an exact clone ( or as close to ) the playable teaser on the ps store...then what is it?

bc that's what every single other person did.

PT but in UNITY


PT recreated in VR

PT recreated as faithfully as possible!

^ this is literally what every single one of these clones tries to do, of what you're saying is THIS game is somehow NOT a copy of P.T, then why does it exist?

I am saying this is the best version that is closest to the original, it just isn't complete.   By "remake" you could have been including all of those games that are trying to be PT.  If you know of a version better than this one I'd like to know about it. 


by remake, im including every single unoriginal person that too PT and tried to REMAKE IT.

do you not understand what REMAKE means?

Yes I understand what Remake means.  So you know of 40 remakes that are like PT and available to download?  I am sure that is news to a lot of us.

If you don't like it then don't play it, but don't waste your time spewing your negativity to those of us who enjoy playing the " 40 something remakes" 

Find something better to do then complain about something that doesn't affect you.

Have a wonderful day/night.

To be an unofficial game, it looks so great, congratulations!!!!

This whole game is a SUPER HARD NOPE from me! You did such a good job recreating the original demo; though, I know it's not 100% complete as there are a few things missing. The scares were spot-on and that original unsettling atmosphere definitely lurks within this recreation as well. A whole mess of fun for the whole family....well, except the family who lived here.

Hey, so i got a little problem, i dont have the picture of lisa and her husband next to the radio that says gouge it out at some point, any help or it is not there purposefully?

This version of P.T. is not complete.  At this point the developer said he isn't going to finish it either.

no puedo descargarlo me aparece error:prohibido 

a mi tampoco me deja =(

This is a GREAT remake!


Please make a download for VR


boys please , don t work on htc vive ,when started it loading loop on vive and start in windows mode............help please...


are you planning to update this again? and is there a guide to finish this? 


Great game, a pooped my pants :D 

I keep trying to launch the game but it keeps telling me to extract the files and when I do it does nothing. Is anyone else having this problem? 


Can you post your upcoming title on GOG.Com. i only buy Drm Free Titles


Publish company I’m working with doesn’t have plans to release my title on that platform. For now there is only Steam and maybe consoles in the future.

but will it be drm free on steam tho

DetalhestTêm o retrator que falta na mesa onde o radio esta onde tem um X

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