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hola quiero probarlo pero tengo una computadora de gamma media y me gustaria saber cuales son los requisitos minimos :(

Great Work continues like this, I love this saga, Keep the games in development, do a good job

Oh I will, thank you!

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Haha, thanks

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bro me aparece descarga sin confirmar :(

Sorry bro, don’t speak spanish :(

Really fREakIng AWZOME!! Is there any Way to set resolution to 3440 x 1440? Keep up the good work.

Thanks bro! Yes, if you have monitor that supports this resolution.

this was such a cool game im suprised not many have made a gameplay from what im seeing :D


I cannot download this 

download not starting

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Man, you are awesome ^^. Soon I´ll record a video of the game, and of course will give you your deserved credits :)

I´ll wait for today´s update before I record

Keep games developing up, you are talented and got passion, which is the most important thing for any job ^^


Thank you my friend! I’m working on a update right now. Stay tuned

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Ya pude descargarlo muchas gracias sigue así

Al aire libre como lo hicistes amigo me sale descarga sin confirmar :( ayudame

You haven't marked this as "avalible for Windows" so the desktop app can't download it.

Today game will be updated, stay tuned

Things that i will love to see in this game!, subtitles, in english at least.  The intro scene of the original, maybe a little bit changed for your personal touch. I think it will be all.


I will make an update soon, stay tuned!


Man, the game is fucking good optimized, i run it at high settings in a athlon ii x2 from 2009 dual core, and only use 50% of CPU in 900p, 60fps with a R7 260X, and just eat about 2-2,5 gb of ram in my tests, optimization = more players, never forget.

I gave my best, thanks!



I'd like to preface this by saying this was my response to someone asking how accurate this remake was to the original PT on r/silenthill

It's pretty faithful to the original in terms of look and feel of the game, but the Lisa model is only used once with a poor stand in model. The original model does show up when she strangles you, but it appears to be a video of actual gameplay footage rather than an in engine render which is pretty jarring. Not sure why this decision was made as her original model was also data mined. The hallway uses the original models for the hallway and bathroom, but it lacks the starting room and the stairs. It doesn't contain all of the sequences that the original had and it's missing a few objects such as the "gouge it out" picture. The lighting at times felt much too dark and little details that were missing really through me off as I've seen PT hundreds of times by now. The fetus isn't quite right in the way it moves, and the door handle never turns when you are locked in the bathroom. I felt this killed a bit of the tension of "is she going to break into this room with me?" It didn't have the option to adjust the sensitivity which I felt to be pretty low for what I'm used to. All of the double headed roaches are missing and the rain effects on the windows and scratches on the mirror are also absent and you can't see your shadow so you can see that you have no player model. No blood pours from the fridge either which is really odd considering you can hear it pouring out onto the floor. Speaking of the floor it didn't look as reflective as it did in the original game and looks kinda' dark and worn out. It cuts off shortly after the hanging fridge is introduced and the siren from the movie starts playing before it ended.

I know a lot of those are oddly specific gripes about the game and they aren't the only ones that I noticed, but I really do want somebody to make a version that is indistinguishable from the original game. This is a very close effort though and I do appreciate what the creator went through to make it. It's probably the most accurate recreation I've seen so far though so that is great in terms of what we had before. I'd say it's worth at least one playthrough, especially for free.

So I know that you don’t know probably nothing about game development, but some things I just cannot done. Also in game development there are many tricks in case of what you see, so get used to it man. I will update a game really soon with things I can do, but don’t expect miracle. Thanks for the support tho. Have a nice day

Hi! I installed it (Win 10 64b) and it keeps throwing me back this "UE4Game-Win64-Shipping.exe" Error. (0xc000007b). Any ideas?

Check out this thread:

Being an .exe file is already too scary.
Downloading, why cancel these types of games that are a damn gem?
Surely I finish the game wanting more ...

It is .exe file just because many people don’t know how to extract a .zip

uffff increible muy bueno,  aunque me huele a que konami viene detras de tu cabeza XD

Thanks I guess XD

looks amazing

Thanks mate

Attention! All that are reading this, download the game and keep backups stored and uploaded everywhere. Konami will be through before to long to strike this one dead, just like they do with every game now.  I am downloading it manually so if Konami comes in acting like a bitch don't worry, I have a backup of it and they can't get their hands on it.

Give this guy a beer


i loved this!! this was fantastic! i got stuck near the end i think but this was ace! so many errie things in this :D great job on making this game :D

Glad you liked it. Also great walkthrough, I enjoyed it! 

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Could you share the control scheme? what buttons are what?

Please tell for the keyboard and the controller. I didn't find the sprint and the zoom button on the controller, but i found them on the keyboard(this being shift and RMB accordingly). 

Are there any other buttons on the keyboard i missed?

WSAD - movement

Right Mouse Button - interaction

Very detailed recreation but a bit confusing since you doesn't include control scheme. (Maybe add that shown on a wall when you add the player first wakes up in the basement?) It was easy to guess directional keys for movement but I had no idea what interact button was. Also, could you consider a lower setting than low? I tried running on a non-gaming laptop and it didn't render so well. Other than that, great job.

Thanks man, unfortunetly I can’t optimize game for settings lower than low with this level of quality and details :( 

So not to spoil for anybody, but this appears to be half of the original game but with a minute-long advertisement for the creator's Patreon at the end. Well-made, but incomplete.

There will be an update, thanks for playing

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Would be nice to add some subtitle options and a pause menu.

I will try to do it in an update

Quite amazing! but how can i change resolution? (1440p), what is the control scheme besides WASD and mouse? I can't open the door even after smashing all buttons.

Update. I managed to go full screen with alt+enter. Still can't open the bathroom door (door ajar, baby already crying).  Also, no way to exit besides alt+F4? thanks

I think it's the right mouse button, but I'm not 100% positive because I was just mashing mouse buttons in front of things I assumed to be interactable. Good luck!

I will try to add this option in an update, also right mouse button is for interaction.

Will there be controller support for this?


Hey! Awesome game! works perfect with full screen mode, but any ways I could play in windowed mode? 

Hi! I will update it soon with more options, thanks for playing!

Hey there, im new to this. I wanted to try theis out, because i loved PT so much. but, when i download the file and extract the application i cant see the files, any idea? 

Just find file named Playable Teaser and open it

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HI! I haven't been able to play the game so far but by the looks of it, it is spot on to the original. Although there is a problem with trying to share your screen with people while trying to play it. It tends to lag a lot while on a call on either skype or discord and I would really love to share with people how really scary and fun this game is. Thank you for remaking it! Every fan of horror is grateful for your hard work! ♡

Thanks bro! I will try to repair it in an update. Stay tuned!

Will there be a Linux version for this? We would love that!

I will try to port it. Stay tuned!

+1 for a linux version ! Congrats on the awesome work man

Hey dude this is absolutely amazing work! Just wanted to let you know - looking out the windows in the hallway exposes you to a lot of missing texture checkerboard patterns. Playing on max graphics if it means anything. Stay safe from Konami!

Thank you brother. If I will be able, I will make an big update for it!

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Can you please add the intro and hand opening door animation (where the player gets up from the ground), quick before Konami shuts this down. It’ll then be perfect!

Or, release the Unreal Engine source project so the community can expand on it without Konami being able to stop it :)

Hi, yes I have plan to expand this even more if I will be able to do it. Thanks for support!

Hoping it will be updated to include this soon, not to put you down but with how Konami is, I give this one week max before it’s removed. Good luck!

GRET GAME i loved it and am truely wish i was as talented as you XD

Dzięki za to

Spoko haha

I mean this gives me so much nostalgia. You did an amazing job of recreating PT. I hope that you will also expand this a little bit more. But more or less this is the best PT remake i have ever played

Thanks! If Konami won't shut it down I will definetly expand this!

Gave it a go...

Ok, thanks

What's to stop Konami from coming after your ass if this is really 1:1 a clone of it ._.?

I know Konami will come and shut it down, but as I mentioned in the game it was my dream to create remake of PT :) 

If Konami shuts it down then it just goes to show how fucking stupid and greedy they are - Kojima, I'm sure, wouldn't mind, though.. Konami fucked up P.T., why should they care? You did a wonderful job.

Thank you my friend, i gave my best!

This remake is something else man...

...THIS IS PERFECT! EXACTLY LIKE ORIGINAL P.T.!!!! Can't wait to see more from you

Thanks, I gave my best

Great Work .... One of the best P.T. Recreation i have ever seen so far.... Keep Up The Good Work ......


Thanks brother!

Thank you man ....

Wait, is this for real? This is a proper recreation of the actual P.T. ?
This ain't some troll game, right? O_o


Haha, no it is not! Thanks for such a nice words, and i guarantee you it is my remake :D

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