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Have anyone play this game with PS4 Controller?

I tried it with mine the other day and it worked fine.  Left Trigger is Run and Right Trigger is Zoom/Interact.

I had never played PT and when I saw this I had hope and when I went into I got what I expected it is very well made, small glitch here or there but besides that it was fantastic and can't wait to see it finished up.

La peor experiencia (y mejor y más terrorífica) de mi vida con un videojuego... la humanidad se divide entre los que lo han jugado completo y los que no se han atrevido.  Si te gusta el terror y no lo juegas, no sabes lo que te pierdes.

"You got fired so you drowned your sorrows in booze. She had to get a part time job working a grocery store cash register. Only reason she could earn a wage at all is the manager liked how she looked in skirt. You remember, right? Exactly ten months back."

Excellent work, found a bug where the player is able to walk up onto the back of the toilet causing them to get stuck.


As someone who didn't get the chance to play P.T. when it was released all those years ago, thanks for trying to faithfully recreate the game for PC users.

I'm stuck!  After I get the wall to say "H E L L" I hear  a sobbing, but all the loops just keep being loops!  Am I missing something or is it broken for me?

Deleted 4 years ago

if anyone is still stuck at the part where the bathroom door slightly opens with the sound of a baby crying, it took me a while but just stand and look directly at the crack in the door and zoom in to it. i stayed zoomed into it for a good 10-20 seconds until lisa pulled it shut.

This scared the shit out of me as usually you stare at the doorknob and it's just a hand popping out.  Did not expect her face at all!




just got a new pc, but im really hesitant on actually launching it up. ive scanned the file multiple times with anti-virus programs but i still get hesistant when my computer warns me because its an unofficial game and doesnt recognize it. has anyone experienced anything weird with this file? just trying to make extra sure that this isnt gonna fuck me over.

Don't do it then if you're concerned.

PS: I ran it, and did not regret it. The game runs fine, and the credits are basically the creator asking everyone to join his patreon for future projects.

alright, thx for replying.

I have the models of the initial room and textures, including table and talking bag and the stairs, and some very realistic cockroaches similar, I can pass the file to you by mail whenever you want;) please?


Updates have been awesome! If you aren't aware, if you look out the rightmost window, the side of the house shows missing textures.

Hey if you want I can give you the texture for the picture with the puzzle pieces 

Is so goo

Is so goo


That was really great, thank you for this! I already own it in PS4, but I would love to have it on my PC for the future.

Right now I mainly miss the following:

- Six collectible picture pieces

- Super Speed/Red section with eyes rolling and the "crash" and reset of the game

Keep up the good work man :)

This is really awesome, I hope you soon implement the interactions and other details like cockroaches and some graphics options.

This is amazing! I look forward to seeing more content added.

Why is the lighting so dark? I cant see anything

I'm playing through and cant interact with the door when the baby starts crying. Is there a solution? Is it a keyboard button or mouse press? Also how do you pause the game ?


If it is the door being slightly opened, it's that part where you zoom in with the sight to the opened part of door. Right-click to zoom in since it was one of the core mechanics to original demo.

god I can not wait for the full game

Honestly so great. You should totally try to make your spin of the game if its shut down maybe multiplayer or an cool story idk just some ideas thanks for everything! :) 

Deleted 3 years ago

No problem bro. To be honest, I never played original P.T. too :( 

You never played original P.t ? ??????? I believe you've watched someone play it in order to make the remake ? correct?

Yes, many videos. Still someday I want to buy PS4 with installed P.T.

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You should play it my Friend it's something else...Also you should make this the exactly copy i mean the gameplay and stuff the fact that she is out haunting you the ten steps backwards and some other whould be crazy amazing ......... You made one of the best remakes of P.T. i've seen so far...And i have play all of them .....Yours so far is the best one .....

P.T. Great Work ....The intro in the updated version was a big impact in the game ...

Keep up ....Watch How Hellena is not afraid of anything ....

Great gameplay, thanks!

Great Work man ....Great work ....Keep up and i hope the news that you have will be all you ever wanted to .....

Sweet but even after the update (think I have the latest release) there is still no way to interact with objects, can't get the bathroom door open, the game runs only in windowed mode with no option for full screen :/ 

In bathroom there is everything working okay, try one more time. I’m sure you doing something wrong. Also in the description there is instruction what to do if game opens in windows mode. 

Thanks Artur I will try again later, although I was only playing just before I left the house a few minutes ago and couldn't find a way to interact with anything using either the keyboard or the xbox controller.  I'll try it again and see what happens, keep up the good work!

This is how the game seems if you're sharing your screen on discord/skype. No worries or rush, we all know you're working hard! Thank you!
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Hi! Back again. I just played this tonight and it was the perfect scare. Are you planning to add anymore content to the game or will this be it? (I ask since I never got my hands on the original and my followers said there is more) jw. Thank you again.

And FYI controller support works except to interact with the door. You have to use the mouse. I clicked every button on my controller and nothing happens.

Thanks, yes! Game will be updated and there will be added more loops and stuff. Also controller seems to work ok with me. Contraols are left trigger for fast walk and right trigger for zoom/interaction

The game works for a bit and then if I try to open the file later, I get an error that reads creativeprocess () returned 2 and the game no longer works and I have to reinstall. Any advice?

I have no idea why, try to update your drivers or/and create shortcut for application. 

I get an error when I'm downloading it. Error: Forbidden. D: 

Nice job
btw what does this update includes?

Thanks, check out my Devlog for list of changes.

Ok bro thank you.

anyone else having the problem where everytime I press launch their computer just keeps extracting the file? but if i open it through my computer's downloads it works but it's not the updated version ):

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Is there a way to actually get the game in window mode? I don't want full screen.

Unfortunately no, but I will try to make that function in next update.

okay. Awesome thank you for getting back to me.

Now I'm looking for the opposite, I have it in a window and i would like to adjust by myself the game settings, but it´s well made and very good to have the experience in pc

try pressing f11 on your keyboard or alt+enter. i dont know about you but f11 worked for me. im playing it in fullscreen

hi I cant download it !!! plz help me

Game is now updated, give it a try.

Wow excellent Big thanks!

Np mate

Just wondering...will i be needing the desktop app for an update???

WOW! Just loaded up the game... I was among the few lucky ones to get my hands on the original P.T. demo. And it is really close to it (apart from a few scenes)...Awesome job dev and Thank you very much!!!

the games runs perfectly! but i cant go throught the part of the baby crying, i cannot interact with anything or go anywhere, is there anything i am missing?

Do not have your volume at 100% when starting up the game.

That being said, being a jumpy person in general, I got 2 minutes in and was already near shitting my pants.

Excellent tribute, beautifully executed.

Thank you very much!

Thanks, haha.  Also guys, keep your volume at 100% at all times!

I can't seem to be able to get past where the baby starts crying the the bathroom door opens? Right clicking only zooms in-- I can't seem to be able to interact with the door at all unless I'm missing something?

Hmm yeah, that is a problem not only with you. Yoday I will release updated version!

Its still not fixed! I cant open the door

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