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I keep trying to launch the game but it keeps telling me to extract the files and when I do it does nothing. Is anyone else having this problem? 


Can you post your upcoming title on GOG.Com. i only buy Drm Free Titles


Publish company I’m working with doesn’t have plans to release my title on that platform. For now there is only Steam and maybe consoles in the future.

but will it be drm free on steam tho

DetalhestTêm o retrator que falta na mesa onde o radio esta onde tem um X

got stuck where the baby first starts crying,


Congratulations to the project the only thing missing now and improving the baby's appearance the rest of the game is perfect

I did try PuniTy before, the P.T. recreation made in Unity engine, but this is so next level!! Creepy eerie and spooky beyond compare! Thank you for this! Although, I never played the original P.T. since I don't own a PS4, but seeing the video comparison side by side, I would suggest you try adding the shadow of the swaying lamp, it adds a lot of creepiness to the atmosphere, IMO :)

I guess someone is bound to make Silent Hills, the cancelled project - a reality :) Is just a question of time (and copyright) :D ...And I'm sure when this happens it will be amazing! Although, personally I would be fine even if your project had nothing to do with Silent Hill. You are obviously tallented enough to make anything happen :D keep up the amazing work, my friend!

It's nice to see you believe in me! Yes, my current project I'm working on gonna be really deep and scary. For now I can't say much but all news about my upcoming title will be on my twitter :)

Oh that's great. Other Worlds... just by the title sounds amazing, I love it already :D

It's not that. My project I am currently working with big company is not yet published. Not even title. Also it will be on steam, not My twitter is a place were you'll find all details

por fin loco alguien que se pone las pilas creando el mejor demo yo te voy a apoyar seguilo actualizando porfaaaa


WHAT?! IT COUNTAINS JUMPSCARES?? You catch my attention B)

Y hola mi gente, aquí les dejo mi segunda parte de este magnifíco teaser de terror, espero que les guste, apyenme con un like y suscríbanse para mas vídeos c:

Hola, que tal, aquí les dejo mi gameplay con este teaser, espero que les guste, dale like y suscríbete por favooooor, Artur eres el mejor :D 

I'm not going to lie at, first I thought here we go again another PT remake. Not that any of those games have been bad that I remember it's just there wasn't anything that made them unique or, dynamic. After the first loop I knew it was getting good. I can see why a lot of people want more of your style of PT. I really thought it was great in length and, I didn't know I could keep going  just a bit more where I stopped. Looking forward to any future games you may develop!

It freaked the SHIT out of us.. so Thanks :D

Good Luck with your future projects!


My god. This was amazing. Great job!! 

10/10 me cague :,v




This was just wonderful, thank you and best on your future projects.

Really amazing and show passion. I can't wait to see your silent hill recreation. GG mate. 


Gotta say, quite disapointed this is being abandoned .


I agree, I don't understand why even go to the effort to not complete it.  This is an on-going thing with PT for PC.  They get uploaded in an unfinished state and/or Konami makes the person take it down before it gets completed.  I wish someone would just make the complete PT experience and then upload it.  At any rate, this is the best PT version for PC I think that is out right now.  Punity and Corridors are the other 2 I have played.  They don't have near as much content as this Playable Teaser version has though.

Nice game bro keep it up enjoyed a lot its scary as hell😂. I had a question to ask will u keep adding new content to the game or just this much because u have done a great job love to see more from it👍

Nice repackage but I feel like this could have waited until the game was actually running close to the original. I never had a chance to play the original Silent Hills demo and from what my chat was saying, this is missing everything that made it interesting in the first place. Thank you for the time and effort though.

Here is my Twitch playthrough.

Really scary, congratulations!

My girlfriend died of fear

Hey! Awesome work man! I was wondering if in the near future VR support will be an option to implement in this game? That would be so scary! I would like to hear from you :)

work for you in  vr +-+-

ITS AMAZING PLEASE DON'T STOP UPGRADING IT, the eye corridor and lisa's animations or aparitions at least. pleeaaassse

Wow! This was super creepy and the atmosphere was dark and eerie! Great Demo!

Finally we have a worthy version of PT for PC to play.  I am curious to know from the author of this if it is considered complete by him.  Do you plan on adding more content or just fine tuning performance/bugs in what you have released?  I hope you do both because this is really good.  I'd really like to see some resolution and graphical settings if they could be added in.

Yes! Head over to my twitter for all news. I have in plans to create complete PT experience.

Have anyone play this game with PS4 Controller?

I tried it with mine the other day and it worked fine.  Left Trigger is Run and Right Trigger is Zoom/Interact.

I had never played PT and when I saw this I had hope and when I went into I got what I expected it is very well made, small glitch here or there but besides that it was fantastic and can't wait to see it finished up.

La peor experiencia (y mejor y más terrorífica) de mi vida con un videojuego... la humanidad se divide entre los que lo han jugado completo y los que no se han atrevido.  Si te gusta el terror y no lo juegas, no sabes lo que te pierdes.

"You got fired so you drowned your sorrows in booze. She had to get a part time job working a grocery store cash register. Only reason she could earn a wage at all is the manager liked how she looked in skirt. You remember, right? Exactly ten months back."

Excellent work, found a bug where the player is able to walk up onto the back of the toilet causing them to get stuck.


As someone who didn't get the chance to play P.T. when it was released all those years ago, thanks for trying to faithfully recreate the game for PC users.

I'm stuck!  After I get the wall to say "H E L L" I hear  a sobbing, but all the loops just keep being loops!  Am I missing something or is it broken for me?

Deleted 4 years ago

if anyone is still stuck at the part where the bathroom door slightly opens with the sound of a baby crying, it took me a while but just stand and look directly at the crack in the door and zoom in to it. i stayed zoomed into it for a good 10-20 seconds until lisa pulled it shut.

This scared the shit out of me as usually you stare at the doorknob and it's just a hand popping out.  Did not expect her face at all!




just got a new pc, but im really hesitant on actually launching it up. ive scanned the file multiple times with anti-virus programs but i still get hesistant when my computer warns me because its an unofficial game and doesnt recognize it. has anyone experienced anything weird with this file? just trying to make extra sure that this isnt gonna fuck me over.

Don't do it then if you're concerned.

PS: I ran it, and did not regret it. The game runs fine, and the credits are basically the creator asking everyone to join his patreon for future projects.

alright, thx for replying.

I have the models of the initial room and textures, including table and talking bag and the stairs, and some very realistic cockroaches similar, I can pass the file to you by mail whenever you want;) please?


Updates have been awesome! If you aren't aware, if you look out the rightmost window, the side of the house shows missing textures.

Hey if you want I can give you the texture for the picture with the puzzle pieces 

Is so goo

Is so goo


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