First update is published!

Update changelog:

- Picture pieces puzzle works
- Collisions for walls repaired
- Relighted very dark areas
- Toilet zoom trigger is more accurate
- Gauge it out puzzle hint
- Menu is under esc button
- Level transitions are smooth

In order to see changes, you have to download file once again. It does not updates automatically like on Steam or else.


PT Emulation 1.1 964 MB
Oct 26, 2019


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(2 edits) (+1)

Are you going to add the cockroaches and hands in the opening animation, and are you going to remove the body being visible when you look down? Also you can still walk on top of the bottles by the clock, and after the door banging in the 2nd loop you can plainly see the door instantly going from closed to open, the door is only supposed to open when you are not looking at it.


Good work! Still needs work, but a great start.