Third update is published!

Third update changelog:

- Added animation for Lisa on balcony
- Fixed mouse movement velocity
- Improved zooming
- Fixed flashlight intensity
- Photo pieces update (now textures are colored like in OG)

In order to see changes, you have to download file once again. It does not updates automatically like on Steam or else.


PT Emulation 1.3 957 MB
Nov 02, 2019


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sizi agir gotten

i cant download

This P.T. Remake got shut down by konami. you can't download it anymore. 


I cannot download this port even using itch app. It simply do not start downloading. =\



Artur, help us out brother.


come on where is the download file button wtf give the download button i had this official demo on psn when it first came out on psn and downloaded it my psn account and had it for sure and then it was gone i was so pissed off darn psn and konami you lost me as a fan you killed me that day please give me my p.t demo back please i got ripped off big time 


Anybody has uplaoded the files? 


how to download



how to download it?








My friend I wont this game for my PC. What I have to do to download your P.T. game for PC? Thanks anda Happy New Year¡¡


THIS IS AMAZING YOU ARE A GOD I WORSHIP YOU. Sadly there is a bug. Some reason when ever you go to open the next door it pauses same with the door at the begging. Other than that it is fantastic and horrifying! I wish you the best of luck Artur thank you for you amazing hard work.

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can you add the og Lisa in bathroom animation when she closes the door and the cockroach at the beginning? And also when you get up at the beginning you see the black leather jacket arm of your character getting up. That and the subtitles will make it perfect. Thank you for your hard work sorry I may be rushing a bit but that’s because I’m afraid Konami could notice you and shut it down since you have the best remake and I’m thrilled that you care about this experience 


How can i change the resolution?


Thanks for all the good work!

Would it be possible for you to add the subtitles, or even the localizations for other languages?