Second update is published!

Second update changelog:

- Final loop sound glitch fixed
- Texture on toilet door fixed
- Small meshes collision fixed
- Seeing character when moving fixed
- Photo puzzle text improved thanks to @Scav_Rumax
- Weird shadows fixed

In order to see changes, you have to download file once again. It does not updates automatically like on Steam or else.


PT Emulation 1.2 964 MB
Nov 01, 2019


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Where to download? I belived there is a link under the "Files" title, but thats just plain text. Any help?

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It's works, thanks anyway! 👍

May somebody know why mouse is turning around like crazy?
(min settings in-game too fast and don't allow set it to very min;
and Win settings nothing do to it)

* Also it'd be nice if min and optimised settings for graph would work... (old PC)

La descarga es una maravilla, es tan fácil e intiuntiva que se me quitan las ganas de jugar


He took it down because the update didn't fix the issues. Will update later


So where is the download button?


Is the download button missing?